Saddle Up

Can I just proclaim my great admiration for Martin Short here?

Several friends and acquaintances announced recently that they’re moving out of the area.  I’m happy for the new vistas opening up for each of them.  Yet I find myself wanting something more myself. I feel a tug in my spirit. I love Shelton for many reasons, but I crave adventure, too.  I get a kick out of seeing new places and exploring.

Since I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon…here’s another song.  Kinda dated (shoulder pads, anyone?), but who doesn’t like S.C.C.?  Steven looks so young here. And if you don’t like him, well, okay.

For now, the sun shines brightly. Maybe I’m a little giddy. The birds chirp state secrets to each other.  I must find the adventure in day to day living. Perhaps I’ll try a new recipe for dinner.  I’ll find an undiscovered running route tomorrow.  I’ll make a new friend.  Who knows?  I can live the adventure here, one day at a time.




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