The Beauty of Bias

I helped out during Lap Club again today.  I wandered into the lunchroom.  The low roar of little kid voices could be heard down the hallway.  I crept up behind Ruby, sitting at her class table, as she finished eating her baby corn.  Her salad lay untouched.

“Mom!” she turned and hugged me, eyes alight.  She held my hand and didn’t let go.  When she was very small, she used to hold my hand as we ate.  She’d enfold my fingers in her tiny hand and chow down.  She wanted me close. My presence comforted her. I loved it, though eating left-handed proved a little challenging at times.

This afternoon, I stood behind her, waiting for the kids to get dismissed.  Coach, the PE teacher, reminded the kids to run on the trail *only* not on the grass or the bleachers on the back half of the .29-mile loop. The kids nodded, swinging their feet as they chewed. They all knew this, but cheerfully absorbed the reminder.

I thought about how biased I am towards my own kids.  Ruby loves having me at her school because she knows, no matter what, I’m on her side.  Sure, we may discover she needs to behave differently.  She might need to apologize for something she said or did.  Yet in the end, I’m always for her, loving her.

Zac, even if he did attend a brick-and-mortar school, wouldn’t want me there.  He does love me.  But the threat of me embarrassing him is very real. I’m the wild card. I might bust out my tired dance moves or sing a line or two from a musical.  Not cool, Mom.  Ev-er.  We butt heads sometimes.  I know, though, he gets how much I love him and that I always wanting the best for him.  Even if it looks very much like nagging.

Isn’t our heavenly Father the same? People, the pinnacle of creation, have ever been His priority. He’s always for us.  He constantly looks out for us.  Nothing we face in this life fazes Him.  He’s not put off by our sullenness, our sin or our cynicism.  He keeps on loving us and wooing us back.  He will never leave us or forsake us.

In this way, I’d say God is biased towards His kids.  He is close to you, all the time. Consider this your reminder from your “Coach” today.  He knows Your name, my friend. And He is for you.



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