May Mishmash

I’m all done working for the month.  Huzzah! It sounds really, really good.  Until you realize June 1 is Sunday.  Back to work on Monday, folks.

I thought I’d update you on a couple of things.

I’m still putting molasses in my morning coffee.  I rather like it now.  Sugar seems too sweet, at least in that particular beverage.  I do drink mochas, hot or iced, every now and then.  Not sugar-free ones, either.  The flavor left a coating on my teeth.

I’m also still oil pulling.  I’ve used coconut oil – refined and unrefined, with a short stint swishing olive oil.  I prefer the coconut oil for the skin-improving properties.  It’s also cleared up most of the sensitivity in my teeth.  Plaque appears less able to adhere to my chompers.  However, once I started doing this, I made a commitment to myself to brush and floss regularly.  I brush after swishing in the morning and brush and floss at night.  So, cleaner teeth could be due to my improved oral hygiene.  Time will tell.

I’m getting caught up on payroll issues and site interviews.  I’ve accomplished something.  It’s a good feeling.

In other news, there’s a bare mattress just on the other side of the fence at Loop Field.  Sometimes a hobo sleeps on said mattress.  The kids running laps yesterday brought it to our attention.  They would run past him, stop, turn around and go back to gawk.  Then they’d point him out to the other kids, sleeping in public constituting a rarity here.  Nothing against the hobo, but getting rid of the mattress is a priority.  I spoke to my boss at the city about it today.

“Hey, I have a weird question.” I outlined the mattress situation.

“Do you guys take care of things like that?”

His mouth quirked up ever so slightly into a smile.

“Indeed we do. And now you’ve initiated the process to get the mattress removed.”

If only everything in life were so easy.

Take geometry for example.  Hamiltonian.  Euclidean.  The language itself feels alien.

“Mom, can you help me with this?” Zac asked the other day.

I came and crouched over his shoulder.

If you were to intersect Point A with Point B, would the triangle formed be isosceles or acute?  Show your work.


If Jimmy is 14, and Johnny is 10, Janey is 1/2 the age of both of them together.  How will Junior be on his next birthday?

I know, it’s a trick question.  Junior hasn’t been born yet. Ta da!  What do I win?

Needless to say, I don’t help with math.

What have you been up to?






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