Swimsuit Short

I went swimsuit shopping today.  I only needed to find part of a swimsuit, a top half.  I have some board shorts I picked up last year (new) that pretty much go with everything.  Since I don’t really swim much anymore, I didn’t want to spend a mint.  I headed to Goodwill and started my search.  Usually I’m skeeved out by buying used undergarments.  But a swimsuit top seemed easily washable and harmless. I wanted something like a tankini top for a Mom-and-Ruby outing later this weekend.

I screwed my courage to the sticking place and picked some suits to try on.

Swimsuit top number one:  Great pattern of pink, brown and green swirly things, like a flat salad.  Verdict:  saggy baggy elephant.  No.

Swimsuit top number two:  Black-and-white graphics.  Liking it.  Verdict:  too short.  Really?!  How did that happen?

Swimsuit top number three:  Black and lavender floral number with a dramatic edge.  Verdict:  too big.  Next!

Swimsuit top number four:  Pink tank style with graphic black and white Os on it.  Verdict:  looks okay.  I will probably only wear it once this summer, maybe twice.

This is one of those times when I wish we could return to the 1920s bathing costumes, and not because of modesty, as so many have championed.  They simply look better on most gals.

Photo by glamoursurf.com.
Photo by glamoursurf.com.

See?  It’s a mini dress! The model (above) looks adorable and fully made up, like a doll. Hmm. Wait a minute. I don’t remember the lace gloves or spats action.  Are those…hoops in the skirt? The shoes look sturdy. How do you keep the cap on?  Sigh. Okay, I changed my mind.

It seems that swimming in any age save the very beginning of time was fraught with wardrobe issues.  If only I were a mermaid.



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