Copper Love

Today, Jonathon and I have been married 22 years.  Note:  This is not a plug for gifts.  Yet if you’ve ever been curious about what to get someone on their 22nd anniversary – or any anniversary for that matter – wonder no more.  Look right here. For 22 years, it’s copper. Copper.  Really? Kind of a stumper, huh?  We thought so, too.  Pennies?  Copper wire we can fence on the black market?  Perhaps tasteful copper statuary for our front yard?

However, I don’t think anyone is following this list.  Now they have a traditional and a modern interpretation for each year. I don’t remember getting any wool for our 7th anniversary.  I think I would have remembered sheep.  I know I didn’t get any lace on our 13th.  Nor did anyone pass along items of citrine.

Shiny, boss!

Shiny, boss!

For our 18th anniversary, somebody forgot to give us cat’s eye jewelry.

I'm watching you.

I’m watching you.

On second thought, never mind.  We have cats with their own eyes, two of them.  Let’s count it as done.

I truly don’t expect anyone else to remember our anniversary.  My parents do, and some of our close friends who attended our wedding all those years ago recall the event. I’m thankful for congratulations. But this ridiculous list of what to purchase or make for folks based on the anniversary year is rather outdated, if not presumptuous.  I think it hearkens back to the days when people were in each others’ lives, celebrating each milestone. Maybe it provided a sort of puzzle to solve. “Hey, Jane.  It’s the Jones’ 11th anniversary party.  We need to get them something steel.  Ooh, a magnet?”

It’s hard to believe the two of us idealistic nincompoops stayed together all these years. We didn’t know how much we didn’t know. Seems like that was a piece of mercy right there. Wedding anniversaries remind the couple involved how much they still love each other and how far they’ve come. We’ve learned a lot, about life, God and each other.  And we’re still going forward. The Lord has been faithful.



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