June Monday

Photo by californiafishingonline.com
Photo by californiafishingonline.com

I managed to squeak in a quick 3-mile run this morning.  The blue sky beckoned. No breeze stirred the early morning air.  The scent of flowers hung heavy, leftover from the night season.  Petunia, honeysuckle and rose lingered in patchy pockets.  I ran through them. They hit my face – invisible, aromatic spider webs.  The trees lent me their shade so I could stay cool despite the sunshine.

I didn’t have a lot of get-up-and-go.  In fact, I overslept.  I’d planned to go longer but I ran out of time.  In fact, the whole day felt like “catch up”.  I rushed Ruby into getting dressed and out the door. I felt nauseated and grumpy.  My brain lurched into gear reluctantly after my morning cup of joe.

I struggled to get anything done at work. After a bit, I was sure I’d been there an age.  I peeked at the screen. My computer said  9:06.  Ugh!

Some days, the limits of our humanity hit us between the eyes.  Some days, you simply have to press through.  Some days last a year.  Some days are, well, actual Mondays.  But you can still do things and be productive.

It’s days like these I remember who I belong to and that this too shall pass. His grace is sufficient for me. I remember to be grateful for all God has done for me. The sun keeps shining and flowers bloom.  It’s going to be alright.



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