Sea Monkey Love

Amazing Live Sea Monkey's Ocean Zoo (Colors/Styles Vary) -  Big Time Toys - Toys"R"Us

Saturday, Ruby purchased sea monkeys.  Not familiar with these particular creatures?  View the picture above.  A favorite of the grade school set for generations.  I remember seeing ads for them when I wore short pants. Oh wait…

Want more info?  Here’s what I found on filtersfast.com:

Sea monkeys have been popular pets among children and adults for almost 50 years, and they are presently being sold in many countries around the world. Their lively nature does not only offer great entertainment, but they can help people develop a better understanding of marine life as well.

Sea monkeys were first introduced in the year 1957 by a marketer called Harold van Braunhut. They were initially called “Instant Life”, because they hatch instantly when the eggs come into contact with tap water. Later on, van Braunhut decided to use a more recognizable name for the creatures, and they became known as “Sea Monkeys”. In the 1970s, sea monkeys were widely marketed in comic books, and they were inaccurately portrayed as humanoid creatures with crowns on their heads. These appealing drawings helped the creatures gain popularity, and many people became attracted to their strange appearance and playful demeanor. Later on, accessories such as floating balls were added to the sea monkey kit, which initially consisted of only a plastic tank and packets of food. Now, a starter kit comes with a plastic tank, a sea monkey eggs packet, food, and a spoon for measuring food.

Following instructions, she allowed the water to purify for 24 hours.  Next, she sprinkled the sea monkey eggs in the now-clean water.  She stirred it up.  Zip.  Zilch.  Bupkis.  Every morning, she got up and took a look in the aquarium. Clear water greeted her, morning by morning.

She got frustrated.

“Mom, nothing’s going to happen”, she lamented before breakfast today.

Sea monkeys belong to the genus Artemia, and they are specifically known as Artemia NYOS. They are actually a hybrid of brine shrimps, and they are created in laboratories. Before sea monkey eggs are placed in packets and distributed to homes or stores, they will undergo the process of “cryptobiosis”, which puts them in suspended animation. The eggs will hatch when they are released into water, and sea monkeys will appear. Sea monkeys are multi-cell creatures, and they can grow to a length of one-half to three-quarters of an inch.

But just now I took a peek in the small tank.  I wiggled the plastic holder from side to side.  Look!  There’s a swimmer!  Tiny, white things fluttered in drink. Squinting at them up close, none of them look humanoid. Thank God. Aha.  We have…parasites?  Oh wait, brine shrimp. So, monkey is a misnomer.  No bananas necessary.

I’m looking forward to some lively entertainment of the aquatic variety.  All of this to say that patience will be rewarded.  Getting frustrated will not hurry life’s processes along. Sea monkeys hatch when they’re supposed to. Put in the work, and maturity and growth will happen…in time.



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