Man Hands and Monday Miscellany

So, according to a good friend of mine, I now have man hands. I suppose this has something to do with all the kettlebell-ing I’ve done over the last 4 years.

The nails in this clip look well cared for, but short and masculine, no? Though to be fair, the darling blonde in the clip has ginormous mitts; I’m sure they’re someone else’s and edited in.  My paws, though not smooth on their undersides, are small.  I would call them baby hands.

But my hands have skill.  Mad skillz. I think about how we often judge others based on how they appear.  I talked to a gal this past weekend who once had 1500 teddybears.  She collected them from all over the world – Ireland, Israel, Canada and other far-flung places. 

“Susan, I had to downsize!” she told me, eyes wide.

I guess so.  That’s a lot of fake fur in one house.

As she told me about other collections she had, I thought about how different we all are.  I used to collect rocks, bottle caps, and shells.  I had other collections but the 3 mentioned I added to on a regular basis.  When I grew up, I gave up collecting things. Somehow they became less and less important. I craved new experiences more than additional items.

I have nothing against collecting things.  These days, though, my collections seem to be based on adventures.  A bracelet from a romantic getaway Jonathon and I had.  A mug I picked up at the Eiffel Tower gift shop.  I remember the pretty Parisian shopgirl rolled her eyes when I pulled it off the shelf. 

I could practically hear her mutter.  “Idiote touriste!”

I can see her frustration now, since my mom managed to pick up a near-duplicate mug for me at Goodwill. Anyway.

I keep the bibs from the races I run.  I’ve got all the half marathons, some 5Ks, Goldsborough Creek and the Portland Marathon together in a special place.  Those bibs show I’ve gone somewhere and done something.  I’ve tried a new thing, pushed my limits, whether it be a different course or distance.

Come September, I’ll have one more to add:  the You Go Girl Half Marathon in Tacoma.  I like the idea of an all-female race. I’m looking forward to the challenge of training and racing. It’ll be fun to have all that girl power pushing us along. I’m open to new experiences.  In fact, you could say they make up my latest collection.




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