Thursday Time-Out

I ran 3 miles in the foggy early morning.  I headed down my street and up the road to the shelter.  I wanted to take a last look at it, plus it meant running partway up a hill.  Couldn’t resist either challenge.  My old brain, the one that lived on Nike’s “just do it” motto, has reemerged.  I like me this way.

Today, the Mason County Shelter held it’s grand opening.  The new facility’s name is Crossroads Housing.  A community choir sang songs about home and finding your place.  The sun shone down on workers and local dignitaries.  Even the landscaper, standing in the back of a dump truck filled with bark dust, stopped to listen to the speeches and songs.

We got to tour the finished building and eat snacks.  The finishes and paint colors melded into a welcoming whole. The now-occupied studios, filled with furniture and food in the kitchens, feel homey.  I’m glad I got to help out with the project.  It feels good to have served the community in some way.

My devotional reading today revolved around this scripture:  If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself.  You are not that important. – Galatians 6:3. 

Joyce Meyer sums it up nicely:  When we think too highly of ourselves, it causes us to value others less, forget to trust God, and ignore the truth that we’re really nothing without God…

It’s important to understand that whenever we excel in any area, it is only because God has given us the gift of grace to do it.  The moment we think we’ve accomplished great things in our own strength, we’re getting into pride. 

Remember, we belong to God.  Instead of having exaggerated opinions of ourselves, let’s focus on God’s greatness and His love for us.  It’s by His grace alone that we can succeed in doing whatever he’s calling us to do.

I’ll say it’s not my favorite scripture.  It does, however, apply to all of us. Today, it hit me right between the eyes.  Rereading this now, I can see God was trying to clue me in to something.  But I missed it until I stepped in it.  So now, I’m leaning on Him and seeking His forgiveness.  Thanks, Joyce, for the wake up call.  Time for me to find *my* place.  My identity is in Christ alone, not anything I can do.



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