Stay Cool

Stay cool, bro!

Stay cool, bro!

Today has been much cooler.  When I went out running, a light mist kissed my face.  Ahh…We needed this.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but too much hot weather makes me cranky.  Yes, I love the sunshine.  The flowers, the berries, swimming, blue skies – all of those make me smile.  Yet not finding a way to stay cool makes this girl tense. Which reminded me…

Remember when you were back in school and yearbooks came out?  You hit up your good friends, your significant other if you had one, and maybe if you were nerdy (ahem) a few teachers.  Then you went after the popular kids. Their words of wisdom penned in your book became a sort of trophy, a validation of sorts. You could be popular – and therefore immortal – simply by a brief association and a signature.

The popular girl would inevitably take your yearbook, looking at you quizzically.  Did she remember your name?  Well…no.  But she peeked at the other signatures in your book as a sort of cheat sheet.

 Oh, Jenny!  Right, right (nods head, smiling blankly).  We had homeroom together sophomore year.  I recall now.  Didn’t you wear your shirt backwards on the first day of freshman year? (laughs)That was *so* funny! Huh? No?  Oh (pause).  Must have been someone else (scribbles in your book). Here’s your pen back.  No, I don’t have mine. My yearbook is with Derrick (points to a boisterous group of attractive boys and girls, busily jotting a novel down inside the cover of each other’s hardbacks, guffawing and elbowing each other at intervals). Thanks though! (executes a hair flip with her winning smile, stalks over to join them).

So. After that awkward exchange, you clutched your yearbook to your side, grinning like a Cheshire cat and galloped away.  Carefully though, with a certain panache.  Once you scooted around a corner, you eased open the book to see what they wrote.  Did Stephanie Jones inscribe an epic poem in your honor? Did she spill a secret, maybe how she wished you could have been friends all these years?

Your hungry eyes travel down the page.  Tommy, Gina, Julie, Brad, Brenda…oh, there it is.  You take a deep breath and read:

Jenny Jennie –

Stay cool, dude! See ya ~ Stephanie J.

Yep.  Sigh. Who needs Homer when Stephanie could say it, and with purple ink, too?

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