Done Running

Today, a passel of kids and three moms went to see “Walking With Dinosaurs” at the dollar theater.  Ruby and I were among them.  I’m going to get lambasted for this, but I could care less about dinosaurs.  They’re interesting in a clinical way and all, but I’m a mammal person.  So there.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know it traces the story of Patchi, a runt in a litter of Pachyrhinosaurus hatchlings.  Voiced by Justin Long, he’s led along by Alex, the rook’s ancestor (Alexornis) and the two encounter various tragedies along the way.  Alex, voiced by John Leguizamo, provides much-needed comic relief. The key tragedy involves Patchi and his older brother Scowler witnessing the death of their father Bulldust in a battle with Gorgon (Gorgosaurus).  Gorgon, a blue-scaled, faster version of a T-Rex, likes the taste of Patchi and his pals.

Because, much later in the movie, through several migrations and bullying episodes by his big brother Scowler, now leader of the herd, Gorgon reappears to thin the herd.  Only this time, Gorgon latches onto Scowler.  Scowler, beaten and repentant at last, tells Patchi to take the group to safety and leave him behind.  Patchi doesn’t want to leave his brother behind.  In fact, he decides he’s done running.  He charges Gorgon and his 3 companions.  He leads the other Pachyrhinosaurus into head-to-jaws combat.  Their sheer numbers and impenetrable armor render the Gorgons defeated.  They refuse to be intimidated anymore.  Instead of standing by they decided to stand up. The final blow comes when Gorgon hooks his tiny arm through the hole in Patchi’s head (don’t ask) and Patchi breaks it.  Game, set, match. The arms, incidentally, appear to help with balance.  I mean, T-Rex bodies are kinda top heavy, you know?

I found myself encouraged during that scene.  I’d seen this movie before, and pretty much loathed it.  As I said before, dinosaurs… meh. But deciding to stand your ground and fight off the thing – or creature – you fear most got to me.  It reminded me of David and Goliath.  David armed himself and took his best shot. I think the decision is half the battle. I’m facing a certain Goliath in my life. I’ve gone around it and run away from it before.  I’ve let my own mind and the enemy talk me out of facing it head-on. Yet, it’s not as scary as it seems.  It has a weakness, perhaps baby arms or a soft skull. I’m sure gonna find out.


1 thought on “Done Running”

  1. I honestly believe the configuration of the dinosaur to weight ratio it would be impossible for it run for more than a few feet (relatively) all that weight on their hips and legs would of been extreme and two legged it would be to easy for them to trip. no they did not need to run to get their food because most of their food couldn’t run very fast either.


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