Conversations in the Car with Boys

I originally posted this in March of 2010 in my Facebook notes, but I thought it needed revisiting.  Enjoy!

Pepper-car's twin
Pepper-car’s twin

This week, Zac and friends had half days Tuesday – Friday due to parent/teacher conferences. Seemed a bit of overkill, but okay. It rained a bit and was sunny some days, too, sending Zac and his friends off on adventures all over Shelton.

Zac’s friend Chase walked home from school with him today. Chase is a nice, funny kid, a tall redhead who is into sports and paleontology. He’s also an avid soccer player.

Rex, our cat, caught yet another snake and the boys entertained themselves with it. They wandered to the creek, where Chase (allegedly) fell in, soaking himself up to his knees. He came back wet and with a large found chain wrapped around his body. I’m still pondering that one.

Chase decided he wanted to go home, since he was soaked. Zac’s other friend, John, a neighbor boy and Zac’s best friend, joined us. We all loaded into my car – John, Chase, Zac, Ruby and I. The plan was to drop Chase off at his house then head up to Hollywood Video and rent some movies for our traditional pizza and movie night.

As we pulled onto the road, John made some comment about my car. It’s a great car: a 2009 Saturn Vue, chili pepper red. It’s cool, if I do say so myself.

I said, “I love my car. Thank you, Jesus, for my car”.

Chase, riding shotgun, said, “My grandma has a car like this.”

The backseat erupted into laughter. I laughed too.

“I’m deeply, deeply embarrassed that your grandma has a car like this, Chase. But I bet hers isn’t red.”

“Yeah”, he replied, deadpan. “It’s red.”


After we dropped off Chase at his house, we turned around to head to the video store. Zac started to talking to John about an incident earlier in the week. Because of the half days, some of the days had special events scheduled  to fill up the seat time. Reptile man, complete with his entourage of all things scaly, made an appearance at their grade school.

“So John, did you really punch an alligator?” Zac queried. I wanted to know, too, since that’s the story I heard. The reptile punching got John grounded.

“No!” he answered indignantly. “I would never punch an alligator. I liked the alligator. The reptile man was cool. I punched Dave.”

I stand corrected.


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