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We’ve been down in Rockaway, OR, for a family reunion-vacation.  Seventeen of us, 10 adults and 7 children, fill this lovely hilltop home. Each morning starts out foggy, the beach and Twin Rocks completely obscured by the white blanket.  At times, if you’re out running on a weekend morning, you might think the fog smells a lot like bacon. That’ll make you pick up your feet.  

If you’re out early, you might see newts sitting in the middle of the road.  Optimistic, that.

You might also see deer crossing 101 in search of the perfect early morning nibble. 


You might also create something playing endless games of memory and canasta, talking over old times along with new challenges, and eating great food with people you love can give you: great memories.



The view from our house.

The view from our house.

Zac, with Ruby as photobomb

Zac, with Ruby as photobomb

Dad and Ruby, goofing around

Dad and Ruby