Thursday Good Things

I know it’s August, but I feel like counting my blessings, especially after yesterday

It’s cooler today.  You can call me a wimp if you like, but 89 degree days make me melt.  The marine layer over our little town makes me happy and grateful.  It can burn off, oh, at noon or so.  I’ll be ready for warmth by then.

The kids are getting along well.  Must be the Fruit Loops they ate.

I got an email from Runner’s World talking about how to loosen up tight hamstrings and it made me reconsider my routine.  It had some suggestions like dynamic stretches to do after a race or long run.  I discovered I’ve been stretching my hamstrings wrong. That’s why I’ve had pain in my right leg for 18+ months.  I’ve been doing static stretches, bending over at the waist, to get at the muscles.  Or I’ve sat on the floor with my legs out straight, reaching for my toes.  Neither of these stretches are bad. However, static stretches enforced the hamstring’s position of “locked long”, due to stronger quad muscles pulling the pelvis forward. Strangely, it never occurred to me that I could help myself.  It seemed I would be injured forever, until Jesus came back or some other miracle happened. But doing this particular exercise before I ran today did the trick.

This isn’t exactly the video, but you get the idea.  Wow.  What a difference!  As I ran this a.m., I realized I’d lost a certain amount of stamina over the last year plus because I couldn’t run as long with the pain.  Just a little honest assessment there. So, that’s the next hurdle to work on.  I am so happy about this I can’t even tell you.  To not have pain in my leg to some degree all day, every day,will be a huge blessing.  Running could get fun again.  Look out!

Lastly, the day doesn’t have too much to fill it up.  I’ve done chores and I have a meeting later with my fabulous writer’s group. Happy Thursday, everyone!  Or as one of my friends calls it, Friday Eve!





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