Perfect Season

The air and light have changed.  It’s definitely fall.  Squirrels scurry back and forth across the road.  The gusts of wind blow down brown leaves.  The sun, no longer full of vigor, pours down its warmth but doesn’t burn.

I couldn’t resist a run today, despite my still-throbbing foot.  The air still held night’s chill as I passed under shade trees.  I thought about the relentless march of seasons.  Personally, I’d like it to be summer all year round. Sunny days, wearing shorts and T-shirts and sandals. Ahh…One of my best friends recommends San Diego.

“Perfect weather every day!” she says, quoting her dad. I believe it.

But what is perfect weather?  Sunny, with a high of 75, small puffy clouds adding texture to the endless blue of sky?

Some folks like the searing sunshine of desert summer.  They love knowing the sun will rise, and they will see it. They glory in the bold sunsets of pink, orange and gold.

Besides – “It’s a dry heat,” they tell me.

My kids would love to live somewhere that got more snow.  One year, they accumulated about 2 weeks of snow days during the school year.  Snow fell and fell and stuck around and stuck around, never melting. Temps never got above freezing.  Our power went out for one icy day. Downtown Shelton became a winter wonderland, complete with a snow mermaid and inverted snowman.

Still others seem to like our cooler, wetter climate. The handful of 90+ days we manage to have in the summer never last more than a few days at a time, overtaken by the infamous marine layer.  Rain never leaves us completely alone for long.That seamless dome of cloud creeping in from the west drops the temperature by 30 degrees.

“Wait a few minutes, it’ll change.” True enough.  And if you live here long enough, you know you have mere minutes before the preternatural twilight of 9:00 a.m. gives way to showers.

The changing season outside makes me think of the seasons of our lives.  Our kids still need us, but not to feed or bathe them.  We have no diaper genie hanging around anymore, thank God.  The baby-time is over. We won’t be raising another child. Just putting that out there. My hair, of many colors right now, is laced with some silver.  I’m getting older.  I’m due for some fun annual exams known only to those of the female persuasion.  You get my drift.

Can we enjoy the season we’re in, now?  I know so many who recall high school glory days as “the best years of their lives”.  Or their stint in the military.  Or when they lived in another city.  I always want to ask, “What about now?”  Can’t this be the best season of your life? As long as we live, we can’t stop things changing around us and in us. No season is perfect. We can cherish the memories of a past season yet live in the present. Each era has blessings of its own as well as challenges. After all, we won’t pass this way again. Every season must end, sooner or later. Make this one good.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1