First Day, Last Day

“Mom, can I come down now?”

Ruby peeked around the edge of the staircase, eyes wide open.  It was 5:55 a.m.

“No, Rubes.  It’s not time yet.  Why are you up so early?”

Ruby sighed the sigh of the resigned.

“I’m excited about school.  Can’t get back to sleep.”

I told her she needed to try and allowed her to take some books back up with her.  She tromped upstairs lugging an armful, hope in each step. I chuckled to myself, shaking my head. 

Little did I know what  awaited me.

I found out today is my last day working for the city.  I will no longer be indexing files in the records room or collecting paperwork and conducting site interviews.  My temporary employment is up.

It’s bittersweet.  I like the people there.  I enjoy the planning/permitting/public works side of the house.  They have a “get ‘er done” mentality I find gels with my own mindset.

I’m a little sad. I find it incredibly ironic that the kids’ first day of school is also my last day of work. Ruby started 3rd grade, Zac started 10th grade.

After lunch, I have an exit interview and a meeting with my boss’s boss to discuss shelter project specifics.  Then, I imagine I will go home.

I opened up craigslist a few minutes ago.  Positions open in Hoquiam, Sequim, Port Angeles and Akron.  As in Ohio.  What the what?!  I mean, an hour commute is one thing.  Driving for a week…not so much. Locations aside, nothing grabbed me.

Here I am.  What now, God? 



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