Aren’t You Glad?

Zac and I have some unique conversations. Over lunch yesterday, this came up.

Zac said, “What if your stomach was transparent?  People could see what you ate.  Like, ‘Hey, you ate some of my chips!’ or ‘So that’s where the last donut went.’ ”

My mind ran with it. What about pregnancy?  Couldn’t keep that new bun a secret for long. I suppose it only adds fuel to the argument for covering one’s midriff.

Then I thought it’d kinda be a cool plot tool for a sci-fi story, like transparent stomachs keep no secrets or something. They wouldn’t be a great storage space.  No more muling drugs. But, ideas have to go somewhere to be good.  And this one didn’t. I mean, “Alien” has already been done. I find myself glad stomachs have flesh covering our innards.

Uh. Yeah.  Like that.

I’m thinking this post is going nowhere fast.  I’ll amend it to talk about things that make us glad.

Aren’t you glad others can’t read your thoughts?  I sure am.  Though at times, I’ve wished for ESP. I have a pretty good baloney-meter, however. It’s always on when I talk to my kids,  looking for answers to tough questions.  I’ve been told I “read people’s mail.”  There’s an element of truth to that, but I keep most of my interpretations to myself, unless asked or tortured.

Aren’t you glad for seasons?  Each one has its own loveliness. Today, according to the calendar, it’s still summer.  But summer, once full-strength sun and heat and endless daylight, has lost its punch.  Mornings dawn cooler and the days feel hollowed out, somehow.  The light has changed.  Fall creeps into town, little by little, tinging trees red and gold in its wake.

Aren’t you glad for flowers?  I am.  Beauty is its own reward. The variety of blossoms astounds and thrills me.

Aren’t you glad for chocolate?  I ate some earlier today and it filled up my senses.  Dark only, please, as a general rule.

Aren’t you glad for babies?  Now that they all belong to others, I sure am.  We just had another cousin born on the Isham side.  I think it’s particularly ingenious of God to add to the human race this way:  cute and completely helpless. The potential, the memories, watching a new life grow and develop…priceless.

Aren’t you glad for good friends who show up in the nick of time?  I’m always blessed when someone texts or emails me to say they’re thinking of me or to encourage me.  It makes my day.

Aren’t you glad for God?  Without Him, as a popular song goes, I’d be “packing my bags when I need to stay/I’d be chasing every breeze that blows my way/I’d be building a kingdom to watch it fade…” Futility.  With God, we avoid that kind of finality. We may be down right now, but never out.

What makes you glad?

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. – Romans 8:28

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