Blame it on the Rain

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It started raining yesterday.  It fell soft at first, then it picked up.  Overall, we got about an inch of rain.  It continued all night and into this morning.  Then it stopped.  Everything dripped – trees, eaves, power lines.

It got me thinking.

Every year, it seems fall enters with a dramatic flair.  Often a storm blows in, causing a sudden drop in temperature, moving the season from growing to dying. This year, it appeared like a silvery curtain.  I have a poem about rain.  Want to hear it? You know you do.

Music in the Rain

I hear music in the rain,
Loud and soft,
Hitting my window pane.
With trills and spills
It lands and splats,
Dripping and dropping all over the lane.
It warbles.
It burbles.
It dribbles.
It gurgles.
Endless pale river flowing from the sky,
Lulls me to sleep at night,
Like a wet lullaby.

Hey, I didn’t say it was good.

Today I’m considering how fall changed everything. Because of the Fall (get it?) we need Jesus.  Once Adam and Eve ate the apple, humanity couldn’t get back into fellowship with God.  Evicted from the Garden, they had to go their own way.  Sure, God still cared and guided.  But that sweet intimacy between Maker and created, so free and easy, disappeared.

Until Jesus.

Sin coats like rain. I know it sounds strange, but hear me out. It covers everything. Nothing escapes its taint. All of creation fell under the curse due to sin. Earthly life became plagued with strife and disease.  And yet, all can be reclaimed with the sacrifice of Jesus. He brings the new rain of eternal life and a new reign of righteousness. He engulfs us in His fresh rain of restoration.

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