Thursday Running Reverie

I headed out for a run for the first time this week. I wanted to cut back a bit after last week’s half marathon.

It paid off.  I felt springy, raring to go. Kinda like Tigger.  I chose a different route because the thought of doing my usual 4 mile out-and-back made me groan inside.

I ran through town.  A fog hung in the tops of the trees, their gold and red foliage brightening up the gloomy morning.  The air felt cool and dry, not humid like it’s been for days. I pounded downtown past the defunct car dealership.  I passed the old shelter building and glanced at the low-flowing creek beside it.  I wasn’t fooled. In another couple of months, it’ll be swollen by runoff.

On my right lay Kneeland Park.  Mature trees shade the park.  The verdant grass and empty swings called out for children.  Alas, they were all in school. I passed the hardware store with its overflowing hanging baskets. The flowers spilled over the sides of the pot and crept up the hanger’s handle.Some even grew a tail of greenery.  I powered up the hill past the tractor display, praying for friends who came to mind. Brown and yellow leaves piled up against the green chain link fence.

I ran past the Shelton overlook to the left.  From there, I peered out at Oakland Bay (not the California beauty spot), the lumberyard and marina.  Pylons stuck up out of the inky water. Today, the fuzzy fog blended right into the water, limiting visibility.  You couldn’t tell where the fog left off and the water began.  All was a gray study.

I crested the hill and smiled. I reached the turnaround. I had to laugh at myself because most of the time I ran the hills and walked the flat spots.  What’s wrong with me!? Downhill now, baby!  Have I mentioned how much I like running downhill?  It felt like flying. For a few minutes, I felt invincible. I remembered afresh why I run.


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