Monday Mutterings

It’s raining.  It’s cold.  My foot hurts, the result of wearing girlie shoes on Saturday and Sunday.  Ruby claims her ear aches when she burps. Zac doesn’t want to put his clean clothes away.

In short, it’s Monday.

I’ve had coffee and *coffee* , but am still dragging.

But the show must go on. Laundry chugs away in the background.  Rex snoozes on the couch, snuggling his special wine-colored fleece blanky.  Zac finished his schoolwork by 9:00 today – a small miracle. He continues to craft the perfect birthday/Christmas list, rewriting it in layman terms for us non-techies.

Today’s bright spot came as coffee date with a good friend of mine.  We had hoped to walk, but the rain…

“How is everything?” she asked me.

Things need tweaking, definitely, I thought.  How do I sum up?  I get a little restless at home sometimes, but having more free time now that I don’t work is sorta awesome. I’m learning so much lately about loving people their way and not mine. Small acts of kindness bring life to others and set off a chain reaction.  Letting go of control lets me embrace the people around me, no strings attached.

It took me a minute. I tend to listen more than talk. I peered outside at the damp morning as I cupped my warm cup of joe.

“Things are good,” I said.

And they are. Thanks for asking.


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