Smile Wonder

Wonder Woman LegoIt’s a little fuzzy, but can you see her expression?  She’s grimacing.  She’s clutching the golden lasso, which renders her more like a cowgirl than a superhero, and she’s practically gritting her teeth. Her eyebrows point downward. Even the impression of abundant cleavage won’t redeem this image.

It’s Wonder Woman.  And she’s having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Diana Prince spilled hot coffee on her unitard. Or something.

I don’t like this figurine, though I love Wonder Woman.  Her expression puts me off.  The plastic package she arrived in did come with an extra arm.  That, folks, I could use.  If only I had a place to put it.

It puts me in mind of this song from “Annie”:  You’re never fully dressed without a smile.  What I’m getting at is that the lady’s grimace renders her unapproachable. Would you want this woman to come to your rescue? Last night, a friend and I   were discussing beautiful but beastly women.  Not that any of you fit that description, dear readers, but I have come across a few. I avoid them like the tweakers riding TriMet.  No thanks.

However, smiling all the time is creepy.  Ronald McDonald and every other clown known to man has a painted-on grin.  It’s not normal.  By the same token, frowning at the world also frightens people.  And makes pretty horrible lines in your visage.

So what’s a girl – or guy –  to do? Men can wear perpetual scowls, too. Glad you asked. Normal facial expressions that mirror your feelings make up life.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s when your face is frozen in a mask of…well, rage, disgust or simply pain that things get dicey. Just a public service message today, from me to you.

Smiling costs nada and uses less muscles, causing less wrinkles.  Huzzah!  You can cheer yourself up by smiling. It’s a win. Plus, smiling at strangers is a great social experiment.  Will they get nervous, or smile back? You might even make a new friend. Try it and see.


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