Friday Good Things

I apologize for not blogging yesterday – or the day before.  Something strange happened to my head.  It got all stuffy and I resembled Sneezy the dwarf, and well, I’m feeling much better today.  Today-only bonus:  You get 2 blogs for the price of one.  Yippee!

“I need to save my money.  I want to buy a DS,” Ruby told me over breakfast this morning.

I mentioned something about saving her money to use for presents for others.

She perked up.

“You mean, you’d buy me a DS instead?!”

“Possibly,”I hedged.  We (okay, I) already had a couple of things in mind for her…

“I know!  I’ll make a list.” She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

It’s still October, right?

You’ve heard of Angie’s List, the place to go for referrals for contractors and such. This is Ruby’s Christmas list (below).

Ruby's list

Note the absence of chickens. While I appreciate the great variety in price and provenance, I have concerns. So…please take the poll.  Help us decide what to give Ruby this year.

In other news, Mom and I went out to lunch today.  We exited out the back door. Rex, lurking in the carport, wove around the dry leaves and furniture, meowing at us all the while. He enjoyed the brief patches of sunshine on the concrete.

“What’s the deal, Rex?” I asked, stroking his silky black back.  “You haven’t killed anything in awhile.  Get on it!”

This is the season when rodents madly scramble for winter food stashes.  Ideal for killing, I say. We left and I thought no more of it.

When we returned from lunch, this greeted us.

Go, Rex!

Go, Rex!

Rigor hadn’t even set in yet. Mom cringed at the sight. She wasn’t impressed. But I was.

It’s gratifying to think *somebody* listens to me around here.

I used one each of Denny Heck’s and Irene Bowling’s mailbox fliers to scoop and toss the dead vermin. What a great team for this task. Thanks, politicians! No politicians were harmed while relaying the dead squirrel to the trash can.

While feeling icky the past couple of days, I’ve struggled with my thoughts and attitude.  I keep coming back to this scripture: And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. – Philippians 4:8

Ruby and Rex seem to get it, thinking about good things now and in the future.  There’s hope for me, too.


One thought on “Friday Good Things

  1. Susan's Hubby says:

    “No politicians were harmed while relaying the dead squirrel to the trash can.” I am DEFINITELY going to try to find a reason to use this quote!


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