Precipitation Progress

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We’ve had so much rain the last two weeks.  Practically every day I get an area flood watch alert on my phone.  Ho hum.  The Potlatch River might flood?  Again? Snore.

As I ran through town, I noticed the fall foliage.  I planned my run to pass by the most colorful trees. The mist, heavy at times, blew into my face. A fresh breeze cooled me.

Today, I noticed something different.  All this rain has done something extraordinary.  Some of the plants from summer are experiencing an unforeseen growth spurt.  Our fuchsia plants continue to put out bright blossoms.  The petunias out front, a bit bedraggled from the deluge, open with purple passion every morning. Our banana palms stretch higher every day.

This is not a typical November.  Temps hover close to 60 most days.  Nights get down in the 40s.  We’re having a wet and warm fall, since the middle of October. Usual Novembers have us in the high 40s during the day, mid 30s during the night.

I passed our neighbors’ house and smelled lavender.  Looking around, I discovered why. Their lavender, as well as ours, got a surge of new life because of all the rain.  Feathery purple flowers poked out of the bush. We got very little rain over the summer.  The plants, bolstered by the much-needed watering, flourish before the winter frosts.  They’ve received a lot of encouragement from the extra moisture God’s thrown down.

I’m reminded anew of how we can use the hard, seemingly relentless things of life to good purpose if we submit to the Lord.  We can gather strength and learn from the hard times. As my dad says, “Nothing is ever wasted” in God’s economy.

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! – 2 Corinthians 4:17




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