I See Heaven

The sky rolled above us, clouds of every shade of gray moving across the sky. Charcoal, slate, smoky and gunmetal masses created an uneven, wind-ruffled mantle. Nevertheless, we needed to shop.  Ruby and I headed inside the store.  Ruby picked up cat treats for Chloe, useful for teaching Chloe tricks. I picked up items to bake Zac a birthday cheesecake. I loaded our booty in the car and we drove home.  Trips to the store before school starts can’t be lengthy.

“Look, Mom!” Ruby called from the back seat.

“Look at the sky.  I can see heaven.  Can you see it?”

I glanced back to see where she pointed.

One of the clouds had a golden outline, glowing against the rest of the gray. The sun, hidden yet shining, tipped the mass with light. A snippet of blue sky showed through next to it. In these sopping wet days, seeing any sort of bare sky brings a bit of hope.

I smiled.

“I see it, baby girl.”

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Ruby asked.

“Yes, it is.”

Most of us know that wasn’t really heaven.  I wish it was. We can’t see that far with our mortal eyes.  It’s not given to us to see, just out of reach, hovering in the blue.

But I wish we could view it every day.  We’d be able to check out what the new bodies looked like. I still want to be taller.  Maybe we could catch a glimpse of heaven’s feasts, get a whiff of celestial delicacies. We could gaze up and spot loved ones who went before us, gaining encouragement in life’s daily hubbub down here.  Perceiving their patience would help us carry on. We could anticipate that the reward waiting for us deserved our faithful service to Jesus. I’d love to peek at our glorious future, no more tears or pain, fellowship divine.

Would we live differently if we could see it?

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