Suddenly Bunny

While out for a walk this afternoon, I spied this rabbit.  No ordinary lapin, this one was all white with a ring around its right eye.  It grazed, unchecked, under the chilly afternoon sun.  No human save me watched its progress.  It didn’t dart away upon sensing me.  It simply kept on eating.

Bemused, I snapped a few photos.  I had heard a neighbor of ours kept a rabbit.  I just didn’t know they allowed it off-leash.  Of course, my bleepity phone wouldn’t upload said pictures.  But it looked a little something like this.

Photo by shutterstock...alas!

Photo by shutterstock…alas!

Every once in a while, something happens that you don’t expect.  It could be really good, like bonus checks in the mail or a visit from the chocolate fairy.  It could be bad.  Like a dent in your fender from an unknown assailant or a horrible breakdown in communication.

Obviously, if something wonderful happens, we rejoice.  It’s kind of a no-brainer.  We celebrate and get excited.  We might even break into a spontaneous interpretative dance. The bad things, however, often leave us flummoxed.  We didn’t see it coming.  We don’t know how to react now that it’s on our doorstep.  Should we run away, throw up or punch someone?  Choices, choices.

When bad things occur – and they happen to all of us – I try to remember a few things.  First, God is in control.  I don’t have to make all the decisions right now.  I can pray and hear His voice of direction and comfort.  Second, people and situations are rarely all black or all white.  We each have the potential to act in a cruel manner.  Conversely, we each have the ability to treat others with kindness and dignity.  We don’t write people off, only recognize their brokenness revealed in the set of circumstances. Third, I remember Romans 8:28:  And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.  I can’t change what happened, somehow undo the damage. It may take time for good things to arise out of pain.  But I know God is able to do it.




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