All in the Family

Not the TV show.

Not the TV show.

Ruby and I have been in the bowels of sickness.  Not literally, of course.  Ruby’s had a bit of flu. Her temperature spiked yesterday morning before church and she played slug the rest of the day.  Her raccoon-ringed eyes, also worn red from rubbing, showed her weariness. I stayed home with her yesterday while the menfolk went to church. After a few movies and TV shows, I learned that the newer “Angelina Ballerina” stinks.  Just FYI.

Families are a great institution.  Ours eats meals together.  We play games, ride in the car, use the same bathrooms (separately) and common rooms.  We attend church, too.  Our faces and mannerisms resemble each other. We sometimes argue and disagree.  We have a similar sense of humor.  Poor kids.  Those good things make me happy; they help make us a united group.

Today, I’m feeling a little icky.  Runny nose and slight fever and very, very tired. This is one thing I dislike about families.  We share germs.  Sharing illness is another thing entirely.

I’m pacing myself through laundry. Ruby’s playing Minecraft now, a much perkier version of herself, though still coughing.  Zac got all his schoolwork done early.  We constituted a crowded crew on the couch, giggling as we view The Lego Movie yet again.

As far as the TV show “All in the Family” goes, I only watched it a few times.  Even as a kid, I hated the dysfunctional relationships depicted on the screen. Overbearing, bigoted Archie Bunker married to timid and idiotic Edith.  Their daughter, good-natured Gloria married to liberal-minded Mike. All of them forced to live under one roof and fighting, fighting, fighting.  Their dynamic may have been normal for some, but I didn’t like it. The disrespect between the family members turned me off.  I couldn’t see the love.  I wanted something better.  Heck, I craved it.  And I was barely out of diapers, anyway.  Ahem.

I want to show our kids what membership in God’s family looks like as well. God’s family is a community of believers, growing in love together.  However, we’re not perfect.  I have a role in the family, as do my fellow Christians.  I need to continue to seek His face and walk in the fruits of the Spirit.  I take communion regularly, remembering Christ’s sacrifice. I need to offer forgiveness and ask for it when necessary.  The only way into God’s fellowship is through repentance for sins and accepting the blood of Jesus as sacrifice to cover you.  The best part is it’s never too late to become part of the family.  There’s room for you.

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