Ten Things I’ve Learned About Running

According to thedancingrunner, I might have learned a few things in my years of running.  I enjoyed a lung-freezing run this morning as the temps hovered in the teens. I thought I’d share a few of my hard-earned lessons with you here…like I need running tights, stat!

  1. There will always be someone faster and/or stronger than you.  Tripping them helps.
  2. Good running shoes are supportive as well as inspirational.  Don’t skimp here.
  3. Running in high humidity conditions resembles swimming.
  4. Runners come in all shapes and sizes…and ages! Take it from someone who got lapped by a 70-year-old.
  5. At some point, you will get injured.  You can come back from it.
  6. Going out for a run can clear your head and lift your spirits.  You’ll feel renewed inside. But your outsides still need a shower.
  7. You must run your own race.
  8. Running outside beats running on a treadmill except on the most inclement weather.
  9. Runners are a breed apart, which is why most people stay far, far away.  It’s contagious.  It’s outrageous and audacious.  It’s life-changing.
  10. It’s only failure if you stay down.  Get up and try again.

What have you learned?



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