Battery Burnout

car battery

Today is like most days except for the fact that we’re down to one car.  Pepper-car, after 5 years of reliable service, has a dead battery.  She’s a good car, she is, and will be fine after her battery gets recharged.

Meanwhile, we’re sharing Jonathon’s Saturn sedan.  To drive it, I push the seat forward, up and incline it so I can see over the hood of the car.  He does just the opposite, sliding the seat back and down.  He drove me to and from kettlebells today.  I drove to meet a friend for lunch.  I adjusted the seat for midget-legs. He has the car now, battery in tow. He rode the seat back to suit human-length legs. He’ll get Ruby from school while he’s out and probably pick up the pizza for later tonight, too.  It’s a busy Friday.

I find myself needing a little extra juice lately, too.  The holiday season just kicked into high gear and I don’t feel ready for it.  We’ve purchased some gifts.  We received 2 Christmas cards already.  We’re picking up our tree tomorrow, maybe, if we can shove it into the trunk, ala Grinch style. Sigh.

I can’t hold back the imminent tide of concerts, gatherings, parties and baking. I do know that under my own steam it won’t be a jolly holiday. I’ll run down like a fried battery. My strength will give out. But all of those activities lend brightness to this season.  I want to participate and enjoy them. I don’t want to miss a thing. However…I need patience.  I’m low on Christmas mojo at the moment.  I need more creative ideas for good gifts, not too expensive, for loved ones.  I need grace as regular life chugs along in the background, sometimes throwing a wrench into regular days.

Honestly, I think what I really need is Jesus, to focus on Him and keep looking up.  He’s more than enough.


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