Book Release

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to make it official.  As of 9:15 p.m. last night, I’ve got a book out. It’s a compilation of some of my best posts on running, the Bible, parenting, you name it. I hope it encourages you. Yes, some of my work got published in Mason County Writes in November 2012.  But this book – Seasons of Encouragement – is all me.  For better or worse.  Heh. You can find the link to purchase the book in the top left-hand corner of my page. I welcome feedback.

I realize I haven’t spoken about it much, if at all, here on the blog. Despite it being a New Year’s Resolution, I wasn’t sure when I’d finish the book. I wasn’t sure which direction it would take.  I felt compelled to do it, yet stuck at the same time. In fact, I didn’t know if it would get birthed at all.  It seemed safer to keep it under wraps, hidden in the womb so to speak, until the right moment arrived. I prayed about it a lot, surrendered it several times. And God answered. Hallelujah!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read a portion of it and tell me their true thoughts.  An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship, Proverbs says. I agree.  I’m so grateful for the encouragement many of you (Aunt Susan!) sent my way. Thanks also to those who read or who have read. You inspire me to keep on writing. I appreciate your time.  As I age, I find that time becomes more precious to me than any money I’ve amassed. You can always make more money, but nobody has the ability to create more time. Thanks for spending some of your irreplaceable currency on this blog.

Now, it’s time to party!

adventure time


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