Ruby and the Rock

Jonathon and I lingered at the table after dinner, enjoying some grownup conversation.  Suddenly, a thump sounded in the living room by the Christmas tree. We froze.

“What was that?” Jonathon asked, turning to look at Ruby.

Ruby had been petting Chloe who lolled near the tree. Ruby fished around in a small red gift bag sitting directly under the tree. She pulled out a flat, grayish rock the size of an egg.

Ruby held up her prize. “It was a rock,” she said.

As she turned it over, I recognized it as the rock I named Harvey.  Harvey has two googly eyes and a black felt-tipped monk hairdo, courtesy of Ruby’s customization.  Great to see him again. Doesn’t he have an engaging smile?

Harvey“Why was there a rock on the Christmas tree?” I asked.

Ruby looked at us, incredulous.

“Because I put it there!”

We started laughing.  Couldn’t help it.


I knew that.

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