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We had our last Christmas yesterday, over at Dad’s house.  I felt a little icky today.  Probably too much good food.  I’ve spent the day goofing off with the kids, doing laundry and food shopping, and finally snuck out for a walk in the cold, sunshiny day. Yes, I wanted to run or something.  But no energy. I did what I could.

I walked Ruby’s two library books back to their home. I breathed in the deep freeze. The icy air made everything stand out in bold relief against the brilliant blue. From a hidden cedar tree perch, a single bird chirped a cheery greeting.  Then it stopped.  Too cold, I guess.

I’ve struggled with wanting to have more oomph today and get more done. But some days simply won’t be budged, no matter how hard you try. You work in their timetable, on their sometimes plodding schedule, and find contentment in it. You relax into the rhythm of the now. In a way, it’s like raising children. At times they want to play with other kids and other times they want to dream and create on their own. Trying to force them to be a different personality won’t work.

We’re ramping back down from all the Christmas festivities, putting away special china and reclaiming the house. We’re each finding our own speeds and chatting as our paths cross. I’m choosing to be gentle with myself and others today.

This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.Psalm 118:24