Critter Love

dog food

The other day, Ruby had a friend over to play for a few hours.  This friend moved out of the neighborhood at the end of the summer. They’ve been missing each other.

This friend – let’s call her Ada – took great interest in Max, our would-be pet dog. She has several pet dogs at home. As you may recall, Max lurks behind our garden. We fed him a few times over Christmas break. He especially liked the leftover ham bone.

That Saturday, I was reading my book, enjoying peeks of the blue sky out my window, when I heard a lot of tromping up and down the stairs.  Then whispering.  Followed by the back door opening and closing.

“Ruby, what are you doing?” I asked.  I wasn’t sure what those two would get up to, unsupervised.

“Nothing!” she called.


But I didn’t get up. I got lost in my biography about Queen Isabella.  Did you know she almost married Richard II?  Fascinating stuff.

The back door burst open.

“Guess what we did!” Ada said. “We raised money for critters!”

Both girls have a passion for lost animals, well, animals in general.  The ones with fur especially. They didn’t have any money, so they put their heads together.  They came up with a plan.

“We wrote a song and went door to door singing it.  We called it ‘Save the Critters’. We asked people to give money,” Ada told me.

“They even paid us before we sang!” Ruby added.

I chuckled at that.  I couldn’t persuade them to sing me the song, but I might’ve done the same.

They raised $7 and some change. We walked down to Safeway and picked up three humongous cans of dog food.  They wanted to spend the rest on themselves but I discouraged it.  Have to manage those donated funds responsibly.

Upon our return, the girls opened a can and gave half of it to Max.  He gobbled it up and licked the plate.  Good eats, I reckon. The girls beamed, their faces aglow with joy and satisfaction. They started planning to save their allowances from now on. Serving others, even those of the four-legged variety, feels really good.

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