2014 in Review

Photo courtesy of playbuzz.com
Photo courtesy of playbuzz.com

This is the last day of 2014.  Bring it. I’ve compiled some stats. Not the blog stats, but if you’re interested, you can look here.

In 2014, I read through two Bible devotional plans.  The daily entries had a couple of verses inspiring each lesson. Joyce Meyer did one and Billy Graham did the other. While I enjoyed Ms. Meyer’s practical application, I wish sometimes her examples were more present day.  It was always, “When I first got saved” or “In the early years of our marriage”.  How about last month?  Last year?

Jonathon got a great job with Concordia University working from home.  He’s using his doctorate now. A dream come true!

As for Mr. Graham’s devotional…I liked it.  It primarily focused on the afterlife:  learning to live for Jesus now as we grow into maturity. He emphasized young people a lot.  While I live with young people and I enjoy them, I don’t consider myself one of them.  I would say Mr. Graham’s strength remains in the evangelistic realm.

I ran 466 miles and worked out 290 times. Again, not the best year for me exercise-wise. I *won’t* be running an extra 4 miles to round it up to 470.  Not gonna do it, despite my type A personality. I continued to struggle with pain in my right leg at times, though it’s much improved. I did teach kettlebells class 8 times in 2014. Good deal.

Ruby thrilled to her first sewing lesson yesterday, on her new-used machine. 

This past year, I got back into racing shape.  I ran a 10 k, a 7-miler and a half marathon.  Not too shabby, methinks.

I published a book (see link at upper left of screen).  That, people, took a lot of right-brained activity.  I’m most proud of accomplishing that feat this year. I plan on feeding my weaker creative side more in 2015.

Zac grew his first mustache. Then he promptly shaved it off.

I finished the Mason County Shelter project. True, it took over 2 years, but I got to be on it until the end.  Yeehaw!  Always great to see the finished building and know I had a part in bringing it into existence.

And now, the goals. Drumroll, please.

Somehow, over the last year, probably due to a great influx of bridge mix and other sundry delicious foods, I gained weight.  I’d like to lose 10 lbs. Thank God nobody’s asked me if I’m pregnant.  Yet. I plan on doing a 21-day junk food fast to kick things off, starting tomorrow.  Gulp.  Wish me luck!

I’d like to do a few races.  I’m not as keen on it as I once was, so maybe a couple of halfs and other distances thrown in for variety. I did get a Garmin for Christmas (thanks, Jonathon!) so I know exactly how far I’m going while training on the road…when the satellite can find me.

I want to get back to reading through the Bible in a year. I missed having so much word to digest. I craved it but knew a little break would help me appreciate it more when I waded back into the ocean again.

Thanks so much for reading this year. I’d love to hear from you, how this year went and what your goals are for 2015.  God bless in the coming year!


4 thoughts on “2014 in Review”

  1. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this year! I, too, took a bible break for the one-year plan, and stuck with daily devotionals. I am starting the bible-in-a-year plan in January as well. Back in shape, all of that, on my plan. 🙂 2014 was a tough one for me as you know. Thanks for being there for me. I so appreciate your friendship.
    PS – I am still awaiting your book, I ordered it two weeks ago I think. of course I want your to autograph it for me. 🙂

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  2. It was a tough year for you. I’m amazed at your strength and how you let the Lord help you through it all. You’re inspirational 🙂 And of course I’ll autograph it. But you won’t be able to read it 😉


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