Sneaky Janathon

So…I had decided not to participate in Janathon this year.  I thought I had anyway. Janathon, as you may recall, is exercising every day in January and blogging about it.  I’ve not blogged about my exercise every day, but I have exercised each day in January so far. Let me recap.

January 1 – Three-mile run. Since I managed to stay up past 11:00 p.m., it wasn’t awesome.  The below-freezing temps made parking lots icy and the grassy knolls like tundra. The tips of my thumbs got numb. Very weird.

January 2 – Kettlebell challenge.  Ugh.  I did an extra 10 squat presses to encourage a friend to finish our requisite 50 and I’m feeling it today.

January 3 – Today, I’d intended to run. But my body cried out for a kinder, gentler workout.  I walked a brisk 2 miles and did some deep stretching.

As far as the junk food challenge goes, I’m keeping to it.  I’ve left chips, cookies, cake, pretzels, fast food, crackers, soda, muffins and pastries behind until January 21. I’ve still given in to dark chocolate and the last pieces of tiger fudge.  But I’m working on letting those, go, too, for the duration. It would help if some kindly person would stop by and gobble up the rest of our mountain of candy. The kids do their best, but we’ve a ton left over. Anyone?  I’ll even bag it up for you, free of charge.

In addition, I’m using as a food log.  I don’t like counting calories, but it seems to be helping.  Down about 2 lbs. since I started.

Thanks to shazruns and runliverpool for inspiring me to just do it already. Those extra 10 pounds don’t stand a chance!

On it.

                       On it.


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