Daily Run

This morning, I swam up the treadmill to get in a 2-mile run shot through with intervals. I had to keep my Janathon streak alive. The early morning gym crowd consisted of an elderly lady and me.  I hogged the fan and got to it. I felt good, pacing along. I sped home, got cleaned up, made breakfast and hung out with the kids while Jonathon went to church for early morning worship rehearsal and 2 services.

Then…the text from my brother, who happened to be the drummer today as well as the worship pastor every day.

C:  Are you coming in today?

Me:  Uh…I’m on next Sunday. 

C:  No, Sasha said she switched with you.  She’s gone today. It’s on the schedule.

Me: (light dawning) Oh no!  I switched us back! 

C:  Great minds 🙂

Me:  Sorry! Be there in 10.

So…I threw on some clothes, dashed out the door and later discovered I wore my shirt inside out for both services.  Yay! But worship was excellent, the fellowship divine.  We celebrated the first communion of 2015. I feel blessed to have been a part of it today. Mistakes, I found, can turn out to be the greatest blessings.


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