Junk Food Dodge Update

Just say no.

Just say no.

It’s been a week now since I gave up junk food.  Several people have questioned what exactly falls into that category.  I like to say the “c” words:  candy, cookies, chocolate (gulp!), cake, crackers and chips. Oh, and pretzels (cretzels?).  I added fast food to that group also – burgers, fries and that ilk. I kept pizza, although I might forgo it this week. I’ve done pretty well so far and I’m down 2 pounds. Well, technically more, since I started trying to lose weight on Jan 1 when I found I was heavier than I’d thought. Too much partying on New Year’s Eve. Sigh.

I rarely miss the salty snacks. I’ve struggled the most in giving up sweets.  I suppose that’s no surprise. The other night while watching TV, out of the blue I started thinking about licorice.  “Ooh, Red Vines!”, apropos of nothing.

I’ve been sneaking in 2-mile brisk walks, here and there, weather permitting. That seems to help the waistline as well as to ward off the winter blues. My mood has improved greatly.  I find myself focusing on the positive things in my life, past and present. My face has cleared up considerably.

I ran three miles this morning.  I did 2 slow miles on the treadmill, talking to a gym friend.  He’s been to Italy and seen St. Peter’s Cathedral.  I’ve been to Paris and seen Notre Dame and Sainte-Chappelle.  Great way to pass the time, sharing our adventures.  Then my leg started to cramp up.The last mile I hopped off the machine and went outside.  Overcast and 40 degrees, it was great running weather.  I accidentally ran it very fast.  My bad.  But hello, calorie burn.

How are your New Year’s resolutions progressing?

10 thoughts on “Junk Food Dodge Update

  1. at the risk of hearing “TMI” I’m going to share anyway. My pants are half-way zipped up and a poofy blouse covers the pushed-out button. My Medifast should arrive today and none too soon. I’ve been like an alcoholic on 30-day bender and desperately need to dry out. This morning, a customer in my office noticed my, count ’em, FOUR Marathon medals (not 1/2..but the whole 26.2) on my wall and said “Oh are those yours?” Shamefully I admitted they were…then knew he wondered “How on earth did Bertha Butt here manage to waddle through 4 of those…?” I’m not dissing myself, I am speaking about my motivation for getting back in shape. I’m ready!


  2. Susan's Hubby says:

    Do you find it disingenuous to have a tagline that includes chocolate and yet have a blog about how you gave up said chocolate? Inquiring minds want to know…

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  3. That is something that is so hard to give up. It is amazing to me that someone was able to do it. You have actually made it possible and that helps me out a lot more than you would think. I have decided I am going to start my weight loss journey when I also realized I was at my heaviest ever. This post actually has made me start to think about what I need to change so I want to say Thank you. I hope you are able to keep it up and I cant wait to see more of your posts.

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