New Day

After doing 30 minutes of stretching this morning, I cleaned up and put on grownup clothes. I stepped outside for my first day of work.  It was a dry morning.  As I drove to city hall, a half moon winked at me out of the slowly clearing sky. The blue sky, pale and innocent, little by little tried to appear.

I parked my car and walked to the front of the building.  I pulled on the handle but it didn’t give. Lights out, doors locked. I remembered I didn’t have keys to the brick edifice.  But just in case someone walking in on the back side could let me in, I headed around the corner. No dice. Saw a parking lot full of cars but no comers.

A police car pulled into the lot.  Did I mention I was standing right in front of the police car parking area? The policeman emerged from the car, a dark-haired man with glasses.

“Hi. Can I help you?” he asked.

I’m sure I looked pretty suspicious, lurking around the back of the city government offices.

“Uh…it’s my first day and I don’t have a key,” I said, feeling sheepish.

“Oh.  What will you be doing?” he asked, his eyes taking in my attire and attitude.

Was this a test?

“I’m going to be a file clerk, upstairs,” I pointed up.  Yeah, that made sense.  Sigh.

“Okay.” He smiled.

“Hi, I’m John Doe.  Nice to meet you.” We shook hands. Whew! I passed. He entered the key-padlocked door, waving goodbye.

I continued to wait and watch the sky. A lone seagull floated away from the bay. Fuzzy edges of white clouds blurred above me. I breathed in the morning’s beauty.

Suddenly, I saw someone walking towards me. It was my new boss, calling out a greeting. I took a deep breath, let it out and smiled. Let the new day begin. I’m ready.

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24


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