Thursday Theories

This morning, the cold air made me gasp.  I took another breath and drove up to the gym.  I got reacquainted with the silent pre-dawn gym crew and put in 2 miles on the treadmill.  I would have liked to have done more, but these workouts before breakfast are no joke. Still, it seems they might burn more calories than those post-breakfast.  Anyone else experienced this?

I also realized just how awesome my husband is. I mean, he’s working full time and taking care of the house AND he hacks into my blog just to say that he thinks I am beautiful and capable and fun to be around and thoughtful and reliable and beautiful and Godly and thoughtful and beautiful.

Did he also say I was beautiful? Yes…yes he did..

Uh.  So…

I’ve learned some important things this week.

  • I’ve noticed drinking the 8 glasses of water a day helps me not get so weary, as well as cutting out the processed food.  I feel like I’ve been given the keys to a wonderful kingdom of feeling good every day.
  • Coffee is my friend.  Okay, I already knew that.  But let’s just say our bond is stronger now.
  • My position as file clerk is a union one.  Customer Service Representatives, unite!  Oh, and I’m officially in the international association of machinists and aerospace workers.  Makes sense.
  • My desk drawer revealed a small box with a tortoiseshell hair comb and a gold Mardi Gras necklace. Also an ancient fortune cookie still in its wrapper.
  • The CDBG project is finally, finally finished.  Hallelujah!
  • I belong here, with the good folks at the city.  I’m blessed to have this job.

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