The Eyes Have It

Human-Eye-DiagramToday Zac and I had eye exams.  He was due for a biannual exam and new contacts.  I was due for new contacts, oh, four years ago now. My bad. My pupils are still a little dilated. I’m not high, I promise. I apologize if this is hard to read.  It certainly is for me.

Our new insurance provided by Jonathon’s job drove the impetus to get us taken care of at the same time. I planned to get new glasses and contacts for me as well as Zac.  He rarely wears his contacts but his eyes could use something. His argument is since his schooling is on the computer, he doesn’t need vision correction when he’s so close to the screen.  Mercifully, he has a mild prescription.

Zac went into one examination room with the chair-crane thingy and I went into another. The usual questions ensued:  Are you diabetic?  Any family history of glaucoma?  What’s your sign?  After exchanging cute shoe information, the assistant excused herself to get the doctor.

I stood up and stretched.  Had my last kettlebell workout this morning and since we did ladders, sitting a lot wouldn’t be prudent.  When I entered the small room, I noticed an eye diagram posted on the right wall. Pretty standard stuff, right?  The pupil, cornea, iris, retina, yadda yadda.  We studied it in health class. Except this one had all the details.

I stepped closer to examine the intricate drawing.  Every little part got identified and labeled. The fundus. What’s *inside* the retina. The eye is made up of hundreds of components. Each of them could malfunction at any time.  All of them working together mean we see, and well, either on our own or with corrective eyewear.

“Wow”, I said to myself.

The picture at the top of the page hardly does the eye’s complexity justice, especially since it sorta has a goldfish shape. The things our bodies can do, the combination of this bit and that fragment make an amazing whole. I marvel at His creation.

“I said to the Lord, “You are my Master!
    Every good thing I have comes from you.” – Psalm 16:2


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