Camellia Corner


I did a 30-minute kettlebell workout this morning after breakfast.  It felt good to get those muscles moving again. Later, after lunch and a Rexless nap, I walked for 20 minutes. The Seahawks vs. Green Bay game dominated local interest.  Hardly anyone stirred in town. I didn’t even see any cats roaming the streets. Shelton resembled what I think of as Post-Rapture. The sun shone down, sparkling on the wet pavement. Faint rainbows appeared at random intervals. The wind gusted in from the sea. I walked and thought, solitary in my rambles.

I’m still working on the no desserts/no junk food three-week plan.  I confess I fell down over the weekend.  Two words: bridge mix. Oh chocolate, my love for you remains true and unsullied. I discovered when I’m worn out, I want comfort food. Instead of beating myself up, I’ll remember for next time.

I still feel like the Lord is calling me up higher. I’m restless. I want to be further along in maturity, in serving, in loving and understanding. Too often my flaws trip me up. I strode into downtown Shelton, passing several houses with realtor signs in their front yards.  What’s the next thing, Lord? One of the yards had a large camellia bush growing in the corner. The bright pink blossoms with yellow centers exploded against the dark green foliage.

Their beauty made me smile. I’m reminded yet again that everyone and everything has a season. Can I find contentment in this season of working full-time, changing my eating habits and keeping up with family and social obligations? Can I keep a good attitude and work to the best of my ability? Camellias bloom in the winter, the coldest time of the year. Their flowering is a testament that growth continues on, no matter the season. With God’s help, I can, too.


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