breakfast, Ruby, running, Wake, worship


Ruby came downstairs this morning with a frown on her face. I had already done a 2-mile speed workout on the treadmill, showered and dressed.

“I woke up too early,” she sighed.

You woke up early?! Ahem.

We ate our breakfast of scrambled eggs and half a pizza bagel in front of the gas fireplace. The orange flames warmed our faces.  We chatted about Chloe and school and church.

“We don’t do the song ‘Wake’ anymore.  I miss it,” Ruby said.

I understood that.  It’s catchy. I explained that we cycle through worship songs.  “Wake” kinda had a short shelf life.  It makes a random cameo appearance now and again. But, in the spirit of Tuesday, and back to work and school and responsibilities, I found it on and, well, one thing let to another…

We had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen, flailing around like headless chickens. I can neither confirm nor deny whether twerking took place at 7:23 a.m. this morning. We grinned at each other. Waking up can be fun.


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