Heart Lesson

broken-heartI woke up early this morning and ran four miles. The dark, foggy morning held a couple of walkers on the path. Otherwise, it was just me and my thoughts. It felt good to get outside and knock out the run. Now, the day is sunny and warmish. I saw crocuses popping up while out walking yesterday. Weird season, this winter.

Brothers and sisters, in the course of human events, someone will say something to you that crushes your spirit.  If you’ve been alive any length of time, you’ve experienced this.  You recognize our shared fallen reality. You know people are fallible. Their limitations cause them to snap at you, through no fault of your own.  Yet it hurts keenly and always comes out of nowhere.

The main school of thought I’ve heard is “don’t let it get to you.” But usually by the time I remember this gem, the incident has already penetrated my armor. The shaft is in deep. It stings. I pull on it, trying to yank it out, but it won’t budge. How to come back from this?

I find myself looking to forgive, because I have committed the same crime. I must give up the right to be offended and set the offender free. I pray and ask for more grace. Jesus loves to answer those prayers. We can’t ever get enough. Then I look to spread kindness. Usually, I won’t bring it up to the person, as that would only make it worse. But perhaps a hug, friendship permitting, or a little chocolate wouldn’t be amiss. I don’t want to live out of fellowship with anyone, if I’m able to mend fences.

Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. – Romans 12:18


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