Thursday Training

I got out the door this morning and ran 2 miles. The night sky revealed a spangle of stars and a fuzzy moon. I left my headphones at home and listened to the sound of Shelton sleeping. I passed over the creek several times. I enjoy its burble. I really didn’t want to do anything at all this morning. But roll on, Janathon!

Today I’m in Lakewood at records management training.  I’m learning a lot. It’s a hot topic now, because of the Public Records Act. The short version:  governments must provide access to those seeking information on government works. In the last month, local news has featured stories of cities, large and small, who failed to provide public access to government records in a timely fashion.  They got sued and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to the, ahem, concerned citizens.  It’s a big deal. At this point, I think record-minders should be wearing capes and have laser vision.

I’m putting in a request now.

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