Working It

rubber bands

I woke up extremely glad it’s Friday and with the energy and enthusiasm of a wet noodle.  I did a 30-minute stretching routine. Much better. I had a short day at work today due to an afternoon appointment, making Friday a little sweeter.

Since neither sparkpeople.com nor myfitnesspal.com have calories burned for work activities, I thought I’d have a go at it. I did most of this while standing. Let’s not forget that added resistance. Here’s how I think the work day went down:

Spending an hour looking up, reading and digesting RCW and WAC regulations summarized in yesterday’s training – 100 calories

Digging through boxes of old applications and working notes from a person who left in 2013 – 200 calories

Taking notes by hand while listening in on a conference call about a public records legal decision – 300 calories (This is probably way too low, considering my handwriting)

Discussing technology I have no knowledge or understanding about with a coworker – 300 calories

Not thinking about the Superbowl – 75 calories

Breaking an ancient rubber band by snapping it on your hand – 25 calories

Tearing up old notebooks filled with obscure yet beautifully handwritten notes – 600 calories (Hey, you can get a good aerobic burn!)

Total:  1600 calories

Who needs scheduled workouts?!


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