Sprung Flu

I’m finally on the mend.  I’m so glad I timed the flu so it could happen over a 3-day weekend.  Woot!  Yay, me!  I used my single earned sick day, too.  I didn’t get as sick as Ruby did. Fever lasted 3 days. I felt it lose its grip yesterday. The aches disappeared as the heat held on for one more night.

Despite being sick over Valentine’s Day, the days got sunny and warm outside. Pushing 60 for two days straight. Yes.  Cherry trees bloomed.  Purple, white and gold crocuses have sprung up and birds chirp merrily. I so wanted to be out in it, running, walking, or crawling if necessary. When you have nice weather in Shelton, it feels criminal to let it slip by without soaking it in firsthand.

A little bit ago, I convinced Ruby to take a walk with me.  Since I’m back to the grindstone tomorrow, I figured I’d better get moving around some today. Ruby decreed it her pajama day. Her ensemble included firework-embossed fleece pajama bottoms, polka dot fleece pajama top, flowered coat and animal print hood. No color – or pattern – left behind. I was much more demure, in denim and fleece and shades.

Ruby rode her bike ahead of me.  I still felt kind of woozy.  I swear the drugs used to help combat flu are almost as bad as the sickness itself. I needed to get the knock-out medicine moving through my system. I looked at myself in the mirror before we left.  Big mistake. Whereas pre-flu, my complexion resembled something like albino-with-a-tan, now I can safely say I’m straight albino. Death warmed over.  You get the idea.

“Look, Ruby!” I pointed to the cherry tree in our neighbors’ yard.  Pink blossoms spangled the tree.

“Yeah,” she said.  She had seen it all yesterday. No biggie, Mom.

Ah, but it is.  We might have a few freezing mornings left here and there, but winter has lost its grip.  We even have dandelions in the yard.  Dandelions.  In February!

“Aren’t you gonna run today?” Zac asked me, as I’m writing this.

I gave him the look.

“No,” I said. “I’m just getting over the flu.”

“Oh,” he said, already on to other topics like getting himself more sustenance.

I choose to believe he thinks I’m wicked resilient.


On my own, I know I’m no super hero. However, with God on my side, I can face anything. He walked with me during this season of sickness and He will see me through to health again.

What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? – Romans 8:31


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