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       Image by pinbackattack.com

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
 – Philippians 4:6

I’ve written about worry lots of times. I’ve even blogged about this scripture before.

Yet again, this morning I found myself trapped in a gossamer cloud of worries.  Nothing large loomed, and yet spirit could not rise and my energy flagged. The worries dogged me, like invisible yippy Chihuahuas, devouring my joy by inches. What about this and what about that?  Are things really much worse than I think?

Why, oh why, do I fall into this rabbit hole over and over? I could slip into self-condemnation about it, but I won’t.  That will only make things worse.

Instead of staying worried and uptight, I talked to God about the little things weighing me down. I listed them all, as many as I could dredge up. Interactions at work. The progress of my job. Kids. A veritable cloud of buzzing mosquitoes, biting me at regular intervals.

Then, I felt a peace. And I remembered to thank God for all He’s done.  It seemed to flow naturally, like the scripture lays out. I’m so grateful for family and friends. I live in a land of plenty and get to walk with Jesus every day. We have cars that run, at the turn of a key. Fabulous!

The worries melted away as I spoke out God’s goodness then worked up a sweat through a kettlebell card workout. As I took the issues to God, I realized I could pray ahead of time and know He would be in situations ahead of me and provide guidance in good time.

Worry simply isn’t worth it.