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Photo by tap-trip.blogspot.com

Photo by tap-trip.blogspot.com

I stepped outside into the cold.  The thermometer hovered at around 25 degrees.  I pulled my cap down over my ears. I needed this run today.

I chugged out onto the main road. The stars, distant sparkly gems, twinkled above me. The morning, holding onto night, sat still.  No breath of wind stirred the air. Everything under the sky wore a frosty coating.

The dark seemed lighter, somehow. The streetlights shone on my path. My feet, already numb, pushed forward with the momentum of my heart. I crested the top of the hill. I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. The moon peeked between the buildings. It hung in the sky, a pale orange disc suspended in the tapestry of the deep purple sky. I mused on the wonder of it all, God’s creation, the beauty hidden in tiny pockets of this everyday life.

The cold air stung my lungs as I turned for home. I look forward to uncovering more beauty today.