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It’s Friday.  I think a mandatory dance party is in order. You decide the music and the style. Now…go!

Yes, the Nu Shooz song dates me.  So sue me.

I’ve been in Deuteronomy lately. I’m finding it a bit dry with all the commandments and curses for disobedience. I started out in Deuteronomy 28. Moses narrates God’s expectations of the Israelites. Truly, the blessings sound awesome.  Scattered enemies. Children and crops blessed with continual favor of the Lord.  Everything their hands touched would prosper.  But the curses sound dire.  Blighted crops and wayward children. Any and all activities, from the cradle to the grave, would be hampered by an inescapable poison of God’s displeasure.

All of this to say I get why obedience mattered so much to God.  It showed love to Him.  I’ve been spending time looking for God. My spirit hungers for more Jesus. Sure, I wait to hear from Him during my Bible reading time. He surrounds me during worship, His love flowing over me in waves. But God’s presence is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I’m finding as I go forward in obedience, doing what’s required of me at home and at work, He finds me there. He meets me when I do what He asks.

I can’t wait.