“Last night I had the strangest dream…”

Picasso's "Le Reve".

Picasso’s “Le Reve”.

Ever have those dreams where you start in the middle of a story?  You can’t remember how you got there or what you were doing before.  Suddenly, people and sometimes animals swirl around you. You feel a sense of deja-vu, but can’t quite summon the backstory.

Last night, I dreamed myself into Scotland.  I sat in the booth of a coffee shop, looking out over the sea.  The suns sparkled on the choppy blue waves.

The coffee shop belonged to me.

I won it with my mad rollerskating skillz.

And I’ve been there before, in a previous dream.

I picked up mid-conversation last night.

A tall lady with brown hair, tightly permed, addressed the motley crew in the shop.

“Oh, remember when Susan won this place?  Angus was so upset!”

A white-haired man with glasses and a cap nodded.

“Oh, he was.  Who knew she could skate like that?  And a Yank to boot!”

Murmurs filled the room.  Nothing of interest had happened in this sleepy little place since, oh, the 1600s.

I’m afraid I had nothing to add to this conversation.  I still have no knowledge of how to run a business.  I am no barista. I can barely make correct change. I looked out at the beautiful water and listened to all the discussions going on around me.

I woke up thinking, What? I like roller skating.  I do okay.  Still can’t skate backwards or any tricks.  I’m a bit more wary about any of that now that I’m past 9 years old. I would like to avoid broken bones, if possible. I’ve never been to Scotland, though my family is Scottish. I have a good relationship with coffee and can make it in a drip machine just fine.

This dream, though based on fantasy only, fascinates me. Is it prophetic?  Is it fallout from all the times I watched “Xanadu”, longing to be Olivia Newton-John? Or maybe it’s too much coffee during the day.

What do you dream about?


One thought on “Dreamworld

  1. joan cheston says:

    Fascinating and familiar…about being in the middle of somewhere and not knowing how you got there, although sometimes life does that.


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