Dawn Runnings

I got a late start on my run this morning. It rained during the night and I had planned a treadmill workout. But as I opened the door to let the cat out for the millionth time, all was calm. The fresh-washed air mixed with the scent of apple blossoms greeted me. I changed my mind.  Hey.  Women do that.

The dark sky held fading stars. The wind blew chilly out of the west, something we haven’t had much of lately as spring made an early appearance.

Things at work are in flux.  Someone quit and I might be picking up their job as well as my own. While I enjoy a challenge, it makes me apprehensive.  The work is complex and detailed.  Can I do it?

I pounded up the hill.  Too fast, again. I walked, breathing hard. The streetlights shone, reflecting off the wet asphalt. The funk sound of Mary Mary resounded in my ears.

As I turned around, I noticed the eastern sky lightening. The sky which had once been solidly dark now was teal at the bottom, running into deep turquoise. My skinny shadow leading the way, urged me forward. I’m no vampire, but I knew I needed to get home and clean up.

My Bible reading plan lead me into the rise of King David. He’s looked at as the model of how to submit to leaders even when they’re horrible (King Saul). Yet David’s path to the kingdom didn’t run smooth. He attracted rebels and malcontents. Some of them enacted revenge without his consent (Joab murdered Abner for killing Joab’s brother, Asahel). He dealt with human treachery in many forms during the extent of his reign.

Yet God’s will prevailed.  See, we have no control over how people act towards us or others. Things can change on a dime. Sometimes I wish we had ESP or telekinesis, something to stem the tide of uncertainty and stupidity. “Hey! Don’t do that!” It would be nice if once God told us His plan  – if being the operative word here – obstacles disappeared. But life happens. Will we continue to put our best effort forward and trust His timing? David did. He reigned in Hebron, Judah’s territory, for 7.5 years before the Israelites finally came to him and offered him the crown (2 Samuel 5:1-4).

I walked up my ever-brighter driveway and thought of this.  The light began to dawn. May I be strengthened and encouraged as work as unto the Lord, come what may. I pray the same for you.


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